CA Foundation Accounts syllabus , study material & tips to prepare

CA Foundation Accounts ( Paper 1 )- Syllabus, Marks Distributions, How To Prepare for Exam Dec 2023?

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The first paper of the CA Foundation course is the CA Foundation Accounts, often known as Principles and Practice of Accounting. It covers the fundamental principles of accounting and their application in bookkeeping.


The syllabus for the CA Foundation Accounts paper comprises ten chapters with a total of 100 marks. As the CA Foundation examinations approach, students must complete the syllabus and begin practising with mock test papers as soon as possible.


This blog gives a complete overview of the syllabus, study resources, chapter-wise weightage, preparation advice, and mock test papers to help students prepare for the CA Foundation Accounts paper.




Overview of CA Foundation Accounts Paper.


The CA Foundation Accounts paper is the first in the CA Foundation course and focuses on the fundamental accounting principles and practises. Accounting is an important part of the CA Course as a whole. The theoretical section of the Principles and Practice of Accounting syllabus introduces students to concepts such as debits, credits, debtors, creditors, and other basic accounting entities, as well as the principles that underpin them.


Students will be able to understand how these core concepts are implemented in accounting books once they have grasped these fundamental concepts. They will also learn to analyse accounting statements using various ratios, which will assist them in traversing difficult business.


Syllabus & Study Material of CA Foundation Accounts.

Students can access and obtain the syllabus and study material for CA Foundation Accounts by downloading them below.

Study Material of CA Foundation Accounts 


Syllabus of CA Foundation Accounts



Previous Year CA Foundation Accounts Paper 



Question Paper

Suggested Answers

Dec 2022



June 2022



Dec 2021



June 2021




Chapterwise Weightage of CA Foundation Accounts  Dec 2023



CA Foundation Accounts Mock Test Papers 


Series 1 



Series 2




RTP of CA Foundation Accounts.


June 2023

Nov 2022

May 2022


Self-Study Schedule for CA Foundation Accounts Paper.


Here is a self-study schedule for the CA Foundation Accounts exam in 2023:

  • Make a chart containing relevant formulas for the exam.
  • Take detailed notes and explain each concept and theory in your own terms. This will help you better comprehend and remember the principles.
  • Make charts of all the accounting standards and try memorising them interestingly and creatively. Visual help may assist with retention.
  • Before deciding how to treat a transaction in accounting, carefully  Understand the fundamental principles as it will allow you to approach each issue with confidence.


Things to Keep in Mind While Writing CA Foundation Accounts Paper 


1. Examine the question paper:


  • Stay calm and avoid becoming overly worried or excited
  • Read the entire question paper to fully comprehend the various parts and sorts of questions.


2. Section of True and False:

  • As you read, mark true statements with a dot to indicate that the answer is correct.
  • Do not mark anything for false statements, it will help you to answer fast while attempting.


3. Prioritise the questions:

  • Mark the questions you want to attempt and plan how you will answer them while reading the question paper.
  • Take down the question numbers or make a mental note of the sequence.


4. Journal entries with narrations:

  • Write the narration in a concise and clear manner, detailing the transaction.


5. Working notes:

  • Answer the question and give your working notes in an organised way, ideally with bullet points.
  • Mention the given facts as well as any calculations involved.
  • Show all of the steps of your calculation to demonstrate your expertise and promote transparency.

6. Writing structure:

  • Present the answers in an organised manner.
  • Use headers, subheadings, and bullet points to divide the answer into clearly readable sections.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and make each statement brief and to the point.

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