CA Foundation Maths Paper 3 : Pattern , marks distribution and tips to clear my exams

CA Foundation Maths ( Paper 3 )- Study Material, Marks Distribution, tips to prepare.

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CA Foundation Maths is Paper 3 of the CA Foundation level. The mathematics paper is more difficult than the other papers in the CA Foundation examinations. To do well in the CA Foundation maths exams, you should know the exam pattern and marks weightage of each section and should practice each topic and attend mock test papers. So, in this blog, we will cover the study material and section-wise weightage, and we will give some pointers which will help you to attempt the CA Foundation Exam.



How Many Parts is the CA Foundation Maths Paper divided?


The CA Foundation Mathematics paper is divided into 3 parts : 

Business Mathematics

Logical Reasoning, and



Marks Distribution of the CA Foundation Maths Paper.


The CA Foundation Maths paper has the following mark distribution or weightage:

Business Maths - 40 marks

Logical Reasoning- 20marks 

Statistics- 40 marks 

Students can download your CA Foundation Maths Study Material here 


Section-wise Weightage of CA Foundation Maths Paper 



How to attempt the CA Foundation Maths Exam?


To prepare for the CA Foundation Maths exam in 2023, follow these steps:

  • Understand the CA Foundation exam format. You will have two hours to answer all 100 questions.

  • The questions will be multiple-choice, which means you'll have four options for each question.

  • Mark your answers on the provided OMR sheet during the exam.

  • Be cautious while marking your answers because every wrong answer will deduct 1/4 of a mark from your total marks.


Points to Keep in Mind to Crack CA Foundation Mathematics Exam.

  • Make a note to cover all CA Foundation maths formulas for easy access during study sessions.

  • Establish a consistent practice routine to improve your math expertise, which will increase your chances of scoring high.

  • Make separate notebooks for Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics, so that it will be easy to go through during the times of exams.

  • Become familiar with how to utilise calculator shortcuts to speed up calculations and ensure accuracy.

  • Consistency is a must for passing the CA Foundation Maths exam.

  • To help in daily revision, create a chart with significant formulas and shortcuts for CA Business Mathematics, CA Logical Reasoning, and CA Statistics.

  • Allocate equal study time to each of the three subjects.

  • Practice is important since it leads to mastery. Mathematics and Statistics are technical, but Logical Reasoning is analytical; all of these skills require constant practice.

  • Completing recommended and sample questions from ICAI materials thoroughly will allow you to determine the institute's difficulty level.

  • When using guidebooks, coaching materials, or any other study material, make certain that you solve every single problem, including examples.

  • Students should know how to manage time. Practise taking tests at a rate of one minute for each question.

  • To enhance speed and accuracy, solve test series on a regular basis, including mocks and old question papers.

  • After finishing chapters or sets of chapters, put your knowledge to the test. Mark the questions you couldn't answer for further revision.






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