Highlights And Applicability: ICAI New Scheme For CA 2024

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CA New Scheme of Education And Training to be applicable from May 2024: ICAI 


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) proposed a new scheme of education and training to improve the education and training procedures for aspiring chartered accountants in June 2022.


After that ICAI Vice president CA Aniket Sunil Taleti made an announcement by releasing a notification that the new scheme is set to be implemented in May 2024.


The new scheme includes adjustments to all levels of the course, with changes made to the training procedure and some subjects being merged and reduced. Eligibility criteria, syllabus, exemptions, paper patterns, and leaving procedures have also undergone changes. The new scheme incorporates best practices from international accounting bodies, which will help reduce the burden on students. 


The changes were made to make the course more efficient, effective, and relevant to the industry, providing students with a well-rounded education and preparing them for successful careers as Chartered Accountants. So, in this blog, we will highlight the adjustments made in all the levels of the course. 





A.   CA Foundation Under New Scheme 2023 

          1. CA Foundation Eligibility Criteria

          2. CA Foundation New Syllabus

          3. CA Foundation Passing Criteria 


 B.  CA Intermediate  Under New Scheme 2023 

        1. CA Intermediate Eligibility Criteria

          2. CA Intermediate New Registration Validity

          3. CA Intermediate Syllabus Under New Scheme

          4. CA Intermediate Passing Criteria 


C. CA Final Under New Scheme 2023 

       1. CA Final Eligibility And Registration

         2. CA Final Syllabus 

         3.CA Final Exam Pattern


D. CA  Exemption 

E. Self-Paced Module

F. CA Articleship Training

      1.CA Articleship Eligibility

        2.CA Articleship Stipend

        3. CA Articleship Leaves


  D. Exit Route



How Much Time Will It Take To Complete CA under the new scheme?


As per the new scheme, it's going to take 42 months to complete the entire CA course.


Check the table for more details.


ICAI Course Levels


New Changes

CA Foundation Registration



CA Foundation Study Period

4 Months

4 Months

CA Intermediate Study Period

8 Months

8 Months

CA Articleship

36 Months

24 Months

CA Final Study Period


6 Months

Total CA Course Duration

48 Months

42 Months




CA Foundation Course Under New Scheme 2023

CA Foundation Eligibility Criteria

  • The New Scheme has yet not mentioned the number of attempts one can take, but the CA registration can be revalidated multiple times which means CA Foundation registration can be renewed numerous times. 

  • Moreover, the students can register after the 10th, and registration is valid for four years, but the registration cannot be further revalidated after four years.

  • Additionally, there are no further cut-off dates like January 1st and July 1st for CA Foundation registration. It will be possible that there may be three attempts in a year, which is good news for the students

CA Foundation New Syllabus 2023 

There were six subjects, at the CA foundation level but now two subjects have been removed from the course which are: Business Corresponding & Reporting and Business & Commercial Knowledge.

So, as per the New scheme, there are 4 subjects which are mentioned in the table below:


CA Foundation Passing Criteria

The ICAI has made some changes in the CA Foundation passing criteria in the New Scheme in which the students need to get 50% marks to crack the exams and there will be negative marketing of 0.25 marks for wrong answers as well.




Subjective +objective

Subjective and objective with negative marking.


These all were the changes made at the CA foundation level in the New Scheme as proposed by ICAI.





CA Intermediate Course Under New Scheme 2023 


CA Intermediate Eligibility Criteria.

CA eligibility criteria for the Intermediate Course is the same as before but to appear for the exams, the direct entry students must undergo 8 months of study time.


CA Intermediate Registration Validity

The CA Registration is valid for 5 years which used to be 4 years. And students can revalidate their registration once in with prescribed fees.





Eligibility of Admission

A Student who has passed class 12th and foundation exams.

Direct entry route: Commerce graduates, postgraduates with 50%marks or other graduates/postgraduates with minimum 60% marks or Intermediate level passed from Institute of Company Secretaries of India / Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

A student who has passed CA Foundation and class 12th exams.

Direct entry route: Commerce graduates, postgraduates with 50%marks or other graduates/postgraduates with minimum 60% marks or Intermediate level passed from Institute of Company Secretaries of India / Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

The validity of Admission 

of 5 years, can be revalidated once with prescribed fees.

4 years, revalidation allowed without any restriction.

Eligibility of Appearance in Examination

8 months study period for both foundation and direct route students.

Foundation: 8 months study period as decided by the council.

Direct route: after completion of 9 months of practical training.


CA Intermediate Syllabus Under New Scheme 2023

Currently, there are 8 subjects in the CA intermediate level which will now be reduced to 6 subjects with :

  •  Paper 1 and Paper 5 are to be merged into one subject which is ADVANCED ACCOUNTING.
  • Paper 2 which was corporate law, will now cover all the portions of the Companies Act.
  • Paper 7 has Enterprise Information Systems removed, and Paper 8 has Economics for Finance removed.
  • And the remaining parts of Paper 7 & Paper 8 are merged in paper 6 as FINANCIAL AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT.


Now, there are 2 groups of 3 subjects each.


CA Intermediate Passing Criteria

The passing criteria as per the New Scheme are: 


The passing criteria as per the New Scheme are:

40% marks on each individual paper 

50%marks in the aggregate to pass the group

(25% negative marks for wrong answers in MCQ based)




CA Final Course Under The New Scheme 2023 

CA Final Registration And Eligibility

  • To become eligible for the CA Final level, students have to clear their CA intermediate level and should complete ICITSS training.

  • There is 6 months study period after the practical training is over. 

  • Students need to complete their Advanced ICITSS training.

  • And have to clear all four self-paced modules before the final exams. 

  • The CA Final Registration is valid for 10 years and students can revalidate the registration after 10 years with the prescribed fee.

CA Final Syllabus 2023 

As per the New Scheme of ICAI, there have been major changes in the  CA Final syllabus -


  •  There are 6 subjects that are divided into 2 groups.
  •  Subjects of paper 4 and 5 are removed, as it is included in the self-paced module.
  •  And there will be no options in paper 6 as it will be a multi-disciplinary case study with strategic management.
  •  Elective subjects like risk management and capital market are now part of Set C and Set D of the self-paced module.


CA Final Exam Pattern

As per the new scheme, the exam pattern is the same as the CA INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.\






 Self-paced Module

  • ICAI has added this module to the New Scheme of Education and Training.
  • Students can also study these modules at their own pace and take online tests.
  • Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D are the four modules. And in which Sets A and B are compulsory economic laws and strategic cost and management, which are also deleted subjects from the old CA Final syllabus.
  • In the rest sets, students can choose their own topic and study at their own pace throughout their articleship.
  • The students have to secure more than  50% marks in each module.




CA Articleship Training

ICAI has introduced this new training procedure for the benefit of the students. The time period of the articleship is reduced from 3 years to 2 years, which means you can be CA earlier than before. But with this comes a condition for the aspirants who want to be a practitioner. Students who want to be a practitioner should have 1 year of experience in a CA firm then only they can get their certificate of practice.

And students can undergo industrial training of 9 months to 1 year in the last year of articleship.




CA Articleship Eligibility Criteria

Students will now have to complete both groups of CA Intermediate and ICITSS training to be eligible for the articleship, which will be a huge benefit for the students because they will no longer have to worry about exam preparation and can focus entirely on their training.


CA Articleship Stipend


According to the New Scheme, ICAI has decided to increase the stipend by 100% because many students complained that the stipend was too low.

CA Articleship Leaves 


Because students are not required to take exams during their practical training, ICAI has reduced the number of leaves available to 12 per year, allowing students to take 24 leaves in two years.




Exemption Criteria For CA Intermediate & CA Final


According to the New Scheme proposed by ICAI, if you get an exemption in a paper, the exemption will be permanent for that paper, which means you don't have to retake that paper, but you must pass the remaining papers with 50% marks.




Proposed for Intermediate & Final 


  • If students secure 60% or more in papers in one attempt, then the exemption of papers of immediately 3 attempts will be allowed
  • And the .exempted papers will be treated as permanently passed and the students have secure 50% of the remaining papers individually.




** To know more about this topic watch this detailed explanation video.**







D. Exit Route


The exit route in the New Scheme by ICAI has also changed, as students used to leave the course whenever they wanted because they couldn't pass their exams.


The ICAI will now issue certificates to business associates rather than Accounting Technicians. Students must, however, meet the following requirements:


  • Should have cleared the intermediate level 
  • Should have cleared the self-paced modules 
  • Should have completed the practical training 
  • Should have completed the soft skill courses.


These were all the changes that were made in the New scheme of education and training which was proposed by ICAI  and all the changes were made keeping in the mind the future Chartered Accountants. 

These changes will be beneficial for the students and will help them reach their goal of becoming successful CA. 


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