Preparation Strategy for SCMPE - CA Final New Syllabus

Preparation Strategy for SCMPE - CA Final New Syllabus

Preparation Strategy for SCMPE - CA Final New Syllabus

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While preparing the SCMPE Subject for CA Final New Syllabus, these are the critical success factors that you must know and implement in your preparation strategy.


1. Concepts of each chapter (both theory and practical) - Read notes, read its examples, solve examples by your own. At the end, you must remember the list of concepts.

Concepts are to be covered based on entire understanding of the topic. Not just what is exactly mentioned in ICAI Mat. ICAI has asked several new concepts many a times, which is not mentioned anywhere in ICAI Mat. (E.g. Takt time in JIT asked in a recent RTP) Hence, do follow what all has been taught to you in your classes. In classes, we go beyond what is prescribed in ICAI Material and try to give you the best knowledge of the topic.

To recall all concepts, we have uploaded our SCMPE Marathon Revision Videos on our Youtube channel with all timestamps of different chapters. You can revise the entire syllabus in just these videos in upto 35 to 40 hours.


2. Glance at each question - For the questions done in class, you need to know the trick of the question. No need to solve the whole of question. By glance, you must be able to recall the type of a question with its approach to solve.

Here, many students have a common question whether they need to refer to the questions of ICAI Old Syllabus. You need to refer some questions, not all. The questions that have peculiar way of solving needs to seen once. 


3. Solve sums set by ICAI for your syllabus - Solve (not glance) all sums of ICAI Mat, Additional questions and case studies released by ICAI, RTPs, MTPs and Past Papers. May be in rough, but you need to solve these.

To simplify this, we have made a separate one stop practice book for you - SCMPE - Divya Jadi Booti. It is updated each term and covers all questions of ICAI, segregated chapter wise.

You also need to note important theory points beside each para of theory questions. It helps a lot n one day revision.


4. Follow update videos of Paper reviews, Concept Clips uploaded on our Youtube channel, Satish Jalan - Strategic Cost Management.


5. Revise all the theory and concepts again and again. You cannot just read once and retain for ever. Revise the notes in some random intervals to confirm your retention. For this you need to have a Summary notes. You might have prepared it for yourself until now. 

Many students don't get enough time to prepare their summary notes. Hence, we have done this work for you. Our latest summary book - SCM Saviour is available for all now. 


You may prefer to watch this video for full explanation. Though it was prepared for our SJC Students but its content are fully relevant even if you have not studied with us.


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