What is the secret to being a CA?

What is the secret to being a CA?

What is the secret to being a CA?

  • CA Satish Jalan

There are many speculations while attempting the CA exam.

Many questions may do the rounds in your mind, during preparation, like,

Will I be able to succeed? 

Will I be able to do it in one attempt? 

Doesn’t matter whether they are at any level or group. Almost every student encounters the same situation. “Will I be able to succeed”? 

There are many contributing factors when it counts to become a CA. Listed below are the most defining ones:

  1. Companion to study:

    Your circle defines the way you prepare for the competitive exams. You must surround yourself with people aspiring for the same goal. The world has now become a global village due to digitalization. It is easy to find a new community, if not build a new community that has the same aim. Joining a coaching class is the best way to get that companion. If you attend college, you get friends who are serious with their studies. At SJC Institute, we allow our students to become a part of a private students community, where they engage with themselves to sort out many queries. Engaging in any webinar or any online session makes it possible to make new friends online. One needs to keep looking for a friend according to compatibility.

  2. There is no tomorrow:

    It's correctly stated that “Tomorrow never comes”. If one is planning to finish any task, have intentions to finish it today. It helps to adhere to the timeline we need to stick to while preparing for CA. In CA, if the momentum is lost, how will one be able to complete the syllabus in time? So, it's advisable to stick to the timeline and finish the studies instead of leaving it on tomorrow.

  3. Rule of 100 percent:

    Its 100% Syllabus, 100% Revision and 100% Attempt this states that the students need to learn and complete 100% of the syllabus. Focus 100% on completion of the revision. And attempt 100% questions in the exam. Do not go with the mind frame of leaving any question or leaving a part of the syllabus.

  4. Studying is your only priority:

    Keeping the studies first is the highest responsibility of a student. Rest everything can wait. You must set your priorities and do what you must do to achieve your goals. Define your exam term and never quit preparing. Don't defer the studies in hand else the dream to become CA will go down the drain. Define your Goal and forget the rest until you become a CA.


  5. Balancing the two opposites:

    No one can balance one side. Students who are good at practical should not avoid theory and vice versa. Work on your weakness rather than avoiding it. It is important to understand the context of the subject as well as to remember it. Mugging up the theories and focusing only on practical solutions are of no good. The same goes for the Final students. They either focus on their training or studies. One needs to understand that both sides of the coin are equally important. The answer lies in balancing each and every aspect while preparing for the examination. The success mantra of every victorious personality lies in their skills of multitasking.

  6. Explore as much as you can:

    It is expected out of a CA aspirant that they do not take things, “As it is”. They need to look at many factors. Why are Chartered Accountants addressed by the word “Chartered”?  Chartered means authenticated. Why are they called Authenticated? Each document is thoroughly reviewed by them. There are many aspects to an account sheet-like a journal, balance sheet, tally, etc. But a CA is not expected to just go through it. They are expected to review every aspect of the account of an individual. Following that, they can tally the outcome of the financial statement. A CA can read between the numeral figures. The question that they need to ask is, "How and why is such an outcome possible?" This will lead them on the journey of EXPLORATION. When on this journey to seek answers, one can take the help of the internet. There are many ways to explore. The point is a CA is expected to do their own analysis rather than just believing what is shown to them. Use the time productively rather than wasting it on non-productive activities. Always have a habit of taking a note of any question that pops up at any instance. 

  7. Having a Mentor:

    It is important to have a mentor or a teacher when one is pursuing their CA or afterward. One can have multiple mentors for different levels of exams or for different subjects. Your trust and transparency with your mentor are very crucial to attaining the desired outcome. Select your mentor wisely, the one who is more closely connected with what you want to achieve.

    Last but the most important Mantra.
  8. Do not create a backlog:

    This is the most important mantra to succeed in the CA exam. Daily revisions are necessary, and one should not create backlogs. The students must plan their revision every week. It is imperative to practice and revise regularly to achieve success on the day of the exam. 

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