What Not to do - CA Final Start Period

What Not to do - CA Final Start Period

What Not to do - CA Final Start Period

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What Not to do - CA Final Start Period

Journey to CA Final is unique. Balancing the preparation alongside work is the most crucial aspect of the last phase. There are many challenges in achieving the milestone of the CA Final. You might find yourself surrounded by many questions when you enter the CA Final.

Proper guidance and precautionary measures during the final level will help you to sail through it easily.

Let's discuss certain tried and tested methods which, if followed, will help you to balance both work and study, which is one of the most crucial aspects of CA Final.

1. Don't fall for Dummy Articleship, Articleship is equally important:

As you know, Articleship is the most important feature of the Final Phase. 

  • You might be thinking that what is a Dummy Articleship?
  • When we talk about the Dummy Articleship, it is to engage oneself in a CA Firm where you need not work. It’s always a better option to join a firm which can offer you a wide variety of work.
  • Practical application of theoretical subjects is important for a better understanding of the concepts. For that to happen, articleship plays an important role. 
  • You might be amazed to know that Articleship experience counts at the time of placement. 
  • So, you must do Articleship as it adds value to your degree.

2. Which firm to choose while opting for Articleship-Big/Small?


You can choose between a big firm or a small firm. The workload in a big firm is usually more than the smaller one.

You are free to make your decision while going for the Articleship.  You must consider the factors associated with outstation traveling, fixed or extended work timings, distance from your home, etc while choosing a firm.

  • Clear your doubts with the employer before joining. Ask as many questions to the interviewer at the time of the interview to understand the work culture. 
  • Take some time to decide when you have to select a firm for Articleship. You may get into an unfavorable situation if you make a sudden decision. You may find yourself feeling panicked and pressurized and end up switching from one firm to another. Doing this will only waste your time. 
  • Your exam term will defer due to multiple switching. 

So, wisely decide on the firm and then continue with the same firm for the entire period.

3. Understanding the Work Culture of the firm:

  • Communicate professionally: Any organisation highly values effective communication within its ranks.  Always try to engage with your seniors and team members, instead of isolating yourself.
  • Do not excuse, maintain clear communication: You should realize this behavioural aspect. If work is not completed, communicate rather than creating an excuse.
  • Do not get carried away: Be respectful to your seniors and stick to the work ethics/firm (organisation) rules and regulations.
  • Appreciate feedback rather than assuming it as fault finding: You must appreciate feedback as a constructive one. Stand at par on the expectation of the senior. 

Pro tip: You must understand what is expected to be done out of you.

4. What is the best time to join the Coaching Institute?
  • Start your preparation early so that you can start your revision on time. For the first two years, you are meaningfully engaged in the Articleship. There will only be a handful of months left before the final exam. 
  • Your preparation starts from day one:  Early preparation is better than mugging up everything at the last minute. You should start your classes as soon as you have passed CA Inter. To avoid any loophole during the final examination, you need to make sure that you keep up with home assignments and daily revision while at work. 
  • Do not take multiple subjects together: 

Unless you start your preparation late, try and stick to one subject at a time. Always plan your month-wise subject tuition well in advance.

  • Choose your teachers wisely: 

It is up to you whether you plan for self-study or join classes for the preparation. You can take the classes for subjects which you find difficult or for the entire syllabus. Taking classes gives you an edge over others. It simplifies the concepts to a large extent and motivates you to take actions.


5.Stick to a daily schedule and Plan your studies ahead: Your Articleship and studies go hand in hand during the Final level.

The key to success is discipline. It's crucial to draw your study plan effectively. You must plan your preparation ahead so that you are able to fulfil the additional work at the office. Follow a strict sleep and wake-up routine. Stick to it! A lack of balance in routine will lead you to juggle your work and studies and you will fail in both. 

6.Use Sundays/ holidays for backlog and revision and study effectively in real time: 

Do not waste your time on unnecessary activities. Prioritize your preparation. Do not waste your time on social media, relaxing or taking a full day off. Use your holidays effectively.  Make up for the study backlog first, then enjoy your leisure. There should be zero overlaps in your schedule. You will be left with no time to cover the syllabus later.

Study syllabus in-depth and make class notes effectively using color pens, properly mark and index all the important questions and topics on a daily basis. Always cross-link and refer to the concepts wherever is important. Prepare your summaries of each chapter. Revise after every class. Do homework's after every class


7.Video classes are more convenient:

There is flexibility in selecting the mode of instruction, as there are video as well as live classes for the CA Final students. The video lectures give you the flexibility of attending the classes at any time of the day. In addition, you can access the video lectures while travelling as well. It helps in balancing your articleship with your studies. 

These are the key indicators when you are preparing for your CA Final examination. 

Pro Tip: Do not overburden yourself with lots of advice. Any advice leads nowhere if no action is taken. Implementing a plan is the best strategy.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need our guidance, by commenting below

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